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Road safety assembly

Posted on 02 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Anne, from Leeds City Council’s road safety team, delivered some great safety messages in our assembly this morning.

Can you remember the green cross code?

  • Think!
  • Stop!
  • Look!
  • Listen!

Mass park and stride

Posted on 02 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Thank you to all families who joined our mass park and stride this morning from Marks and Spencer.  Special thanks as well to Leeds City Council road safety trainers, Dom Jacques and Living Streets representatives and especially Kerby for supporting this event to mark the start of International Walk to School month.

It was great to see so many families join the walk to school using Marks and Spencer to park their car rather than parking near the school gate.

Keep up those active journeys to school for a happy and healthy start to the day.

Start your day with an active journey

Posted on 01 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Today marks the start of International Walk to School month.

During October, we’re working alongside Living Streets to encourage families to travel in active ways to school.  There are prize draws every week for children who have made active journeys to school (biking, scooting, walking or park and stride) with an added prize draw for those children who have made active journeys to school throughout October.

We realise that some families do need to come in the car to school so we are promoting Marks and Spencer car park (200 2 hour free spaces) as a place to park and then ‘stride’ the last part of the journey to school.  This will avoid congestion at the school gate, improve health benefits to families and counts as an active journey.

Tomorrow, we will be working with Leeds City Council road safety trainers to deliver pedestrian training to Years 1, 2 and 3.  Reception class will enjoy a class based safety session and Year 5 will be using the speed indicator device to check vehicle speeds in the 20mph zone outside school.

To start the day, join us for a mass park and stride meeting at Harrogate Road outside Marks and Spencer from 8:30am.

What? Mass Park and Stride

When? Tuesday 2nd October from 08:30am

Where? From Harrogate Road outside Marks and Spencer (200 free 2hr park and stride parking spaces)

Why? To encourage families to make active journeys to school and keep cars away from the school gates.

Who? Leeds City Council’s Road Safety Team, Kerby the road safety mascot, Living Streets representatives plus as many families as possible.

If you don’t come by car, join us on the route to school.

After-school clubs

Posted on 26 September 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Places are filling up for our after-school clubs starting next week.

We do have some places available on the following physical activity clubs.  These clubs are subsidised using our PE Premium funding costing just £1 per week.


Have a try at a new sport. Led by Elaine Brown, Leeds Volleyball Club coach, come along to learn skills, develop team work and play competitive games on our volleyball court in the MUGA. This club finishes at 4.15pm. There is no session on Monday 22 October 2018.   Open to Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6  Cost £7


Multi skills
Come and take part in a range of fun sporting games, challenges, matches and activities which include key motor skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, running, jumping, striking, Organised by Five Star Sports. This club finishes at 4.15pm. There is no session on Tuesday 23 October 2018 or Tuesday 27 November 2018. Open to Y1, Y2, Y3 Cost £6


A fun way to keep fit while learning new skills. Organised by Leeds Gymnastics Club. This club finishes at 4.15pm.  Open to Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 Cost £8


Wake Up Shake Up
Be ready to Wake it and Shake it at Mrs Charlesworth’s club. You’ll be swinging, shaking, moving and grooving your way to pop, rock, R’n’B and dance. This club finishes at 4.15pm. Open to Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 Cost £8

How can I book a club?

Booking for after-school clubs is via School Gateway.  Please contact the office if you need any assistance making a booking.  Payment is due at the time of booking.


National Fitness Day

Posted on 26 September 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Some of our Key Stage 2 children enjoyed an active morning taking part in a range of activities for National Fitness Day:

  • ‘I loved the dodgeball.’
  • ‘I enjoyed all the activities.’
  • ‘It was fun to do the different games.’



A wonderful 'well done'!

Posted on 26 September 2018 by Mr Roundtree

It’s great to receive a letter from Leeds Learning Improvement Team congratulating us on how well we’re doing…

Initial analysis of attainment and progress at Moortown indicates that you have outcomes significantly above national in reading, writing and mathematics combined.

We are pleased that the work that your school has undertaken has had a positive impact…

Congratulations to the whole team for their dedication and hard work which is positively affecting outcomes and will improve the life chances of all these children.

Positive Feedback for Positive Behaviour

Posted on 25 September 2018 by Mrs Weekes

A group of newly qualified teachers visited our school this morning.  During their first year of teaching, they visit various settings to see good practice and observe different aspects of teaching.  Today, they were particularly looking at learning behaviour and behaviour management. There was some excellent feedback about our teaching and the children:

“All teachers followed the policies well which makes it easy to understand and see the benefits.”

“Behaviour was very positively reinforced.  Clear rules and routines are well established.”

“The lessons are fantastic and the children were well behaved.”

“The lessons were of great standard.  The children were all really engaged and teachers were great.”

“Brilliant practice.  Great behaviour management.”

A great start to the term.


Cycle Leeds Learn to ride a bike sessions

Posted on 22 September 2018 by Mrs Taylor

These popular sessions are running locally in the half term holiday. Booking is essential for all sessions and can be done by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Children’s Beginners Learn to Ride Sessions
Tuesday 30th October and Thursday 1st November
At Carr Manor Community School (Secondary Phase)
Times: 9am10:30am and 12:30
For more information and to book:

Children’s Improvers – Skills, Circuits & Games!
Thursday 1st November – Carr Manor Community School (Secondary Phase)
Time: 14:00
For more information and to book:


Best of British themed menu

Posted on 12 September 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Catering Agency, our school meal provider, will be running a special themed menu on Thursday 04 October.

Please contact the office, by Wednesday 26 September, if your child would like a school dinner on this day.

High school application deadlines...

Posted on 05 September 2018 by Mrs Quirk

Leeds City Council writes:

Is your child currently in Year 6? If so, it’s time to apply for a secondary school place!

If your child is due to start secondary school in September 2019 you should apply for a place from 01 August 2018. The deadline for applying is 31 October 2018.

You need to make your application online at

If you need any more information please contact the admissions team on 0113 222 4414.

Frequently asked questions

When can I apply for a place at High School Year 7? 

The application process is available from 1 August 2018 to 31 October 2018.

How do I apply for a place?

You can apply online by going to and searching for school admissions.  If you need assistance with the application you can call us on 0113 2224414 or email us at There is also a video on which offers advice and guidance.

What are admissions policies?

Admissions policies set out how schools will offer places, and who will be offered a place first if there are more applications than places available at the school. The criteria set out in the admissions policy will be used to rank all applications and then places will be offered from the top of the list of applicants until the year group is full.

It is important that you look at the admissions policy for each of the schools you are including in your list of preferences as different schools have different admission policies. Admissions policies for all kinds of schools (Community, Foundation, Voluntary Aided and Academy schools) can be obtained from schools directly, found on the school website, on the Leeds City Council website at, or by contacting the Admissions Team on 0113 2224414.

How are places offered?

The local authority is required to co-ordinate all applications for year 7 places. This means the Local Authority receive all applications centrally, work with schools who determine their own admissions to gather information from them, and send out all the offer letters, making sure each child only receives one offer.

We consider all preferences at the same time and aim to offer your highest preference possible, but whether we can offer you the place you want for your child will depend on your circumstances, the schools you have asked for and their policies, the  number of applications they have received and the circumstances of all other applicants to that school.

I have good reasons why my child should attend my first preference school – so you have to offer them a place there don’t you?

Many parents have good reasons why they would prefer their child to attend a particular school, but while parents have the legal right to express their preference, this is not the same as free choice about where their child is admitted. School admissions policies provide very clear criteria about who can be prioritised over others for a place and you should review the policies to see whether your child meets any of these priority criteria. If they do, please tell us on your application so that the admissions policy can be applied to your application for each school correctly.

What is my priority school/catchment area?

One priority which many admission policies include is a priority for children requesting a place where they are living in the priority catchment area or where the school is their ‘nearest’ school. It’s important to look at the school policy as not all schools include this priority. You will receive a letter telling you which school is your catchment priority school.

Distance (measured in a straight line) is also often used as a tie break within each priority, so all children who meet the ‘catchment’ priority will also be ranked in order of distance from the school. There is no guarantee that you will be allocated a place at your priority catchment school if you request it – each year it depends on the number of children requesting the school who meet this priority.

It is important that you look at each school admission policy and all other available information before making a decision about your preferences as it is important to consider whether you have a realistic chance of being offered a place.

Does it matter what order I list my preferences?

Places are not offered on a ‘first preference first’ basis – it is against the School Admissions Code for this to happen. When schools are ranking their applications in line with their admissions policy, they don’t know which preference number you gave to that school.

Your preference order is only used by the Local Authority when they are making the offers on behalf of the school, and it only influences which offer is made where you could be offered more than one of your preferences.

The Local Authority is obliged to offer you the highest preference school which your child qualifies for so please put the schools in order of where you would like your child to attend.

If I only provide one preference, do you have to offer me that school?

No. Providing just one or two preferences does not in any way increase your chances of being offered a place at these schools as your application for each school is ranked in line with the admissions policy. If the Local Authority is unable to offer a preferred school, you will be offered a place at any school with a vacancy available after all other applications have been considered, so not using all five of the available preferences actually decreases the chances of you being offered a preferred place.

Can I find out which schools are closest to my home?

You can contact the Leeds City Council Admissions Team on 0113 2224414 or send an email to to ask for this information. Please remember to include your address when contacting us. Our measurements are based on a straight-line distance from the school to your address. Previous allocation maps for secondary schools are on the Leeds City Council website These show the distances from home to school for the people who were successful in gaining places last year so give an indication of your chances of being offered a place. Most online mapping tools only use postcodes and not the full address. If you want to know your nearest priority school you must ask us for details; you should also receive a letter in July which will give details of your priority school and your five nearest schools by distance but you don’t need this letter to apply.

What is the ‘furthest allocation distance’?

In the information provided on the Leeds City Council website, ‘furthest allocation distances’ are stated where this information is available.

Furthest allocation distances are the distance the last pupil allocated a place at a school under one of the distance priorities (in the Leeds City Council policy this is Priority 3 – Priority Catchment and Priority 4 – non-catchment) lived from the school.

Further details of allocation data can be found at:

When will I find out which school my child has been offered?

1 March 2019 is National Offer day. You will be sent an email on this day with your offer letter attached or if you did not apply online a letter will be sent out by second class post and you will receive it a few days after the 1 March.

What should do when I receive my offer of a place?

You should accept the offer of the school place directly with the school. Accepting a lower preference offer will not affect your position on a waiting list or your right to appeal against the refusal at any other school.

What happens if I don’t get offered a place at the school I want?

If you don’t get offered a place at the school you would prefer, you can request to go on the waiting list. You can also appeal against the decision to refuse a place at a school, although appeals can only be granted in specific circumstances.  More information will be provided with your offer letter.

What happens if I move into the area or change address?

If you move into the area or change address between the closing date in October 2018 and the start of the new school year in September 2019, you must let us know as this could affect your application. We will try our best to offer your child a place at the school you prefer. If there are no places left at any of the schools you wanted, we will offer your child a place at the school closest to your home with available places. Remember that we will find your closest school by measuring in a straight line. If you move to a new address, we will ask you to provide written proof of your new address and written proof that you have left your previous address.

Useful numbers and contacts

Leeds City Council website:

Admissions team: phone 0113 222 4414 email

Transport:  Application forms, guidance notes, Leeds Children’s Transport policy, Under-16 Photocards and information about bus travel can be obtained at:  If you need information on your ‘Nearest Qualifying School’ or have other general school transport questions please contact the Leeds Education Transport Assessment Team on 0113 348 1122 or

Elective Home Education: phone 0113 378 5028.

Attendance Team:  phone 0113 378 2480.

School meals: To apply for free school meals please contact 0113 222 4404.

School uniforms and other expenses parents should contact the school their child will be attending for information about help with school uniforms.

Special Educational Needs Information: For children with an existing Education Health and Care Plan (EHC) parents should contact their SEN casework officer phone 0113 378 5256.  For general information, support and advice about SEN and disabilities contact the Leeds Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Service phone 0113 378 5020.