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Living and Learning – I know some drugs that are harmful and how to stay safe.

Posted on Thursday 25 January 2024 by Miss Birch

Over the last 2 weeks, we have had a focus on drugs, how they can be harmful and how we can be safe around them.

Drugs can come in all different shapes and sizes but they all do change the way the body or mind works.

We had a focus on medicines like Calpol and household items like cleaning products. We discussed when we might need to take or use medicines and how we might use these items.

We decided that:

  • We should only take medicine if we are unwell and need it.
  • We should always ask an adult before we go near a medicine or cleaning product as they can be dangerous if not used correctly.
  • Even adults need to read the instructions on the medicine or cleaning product.
  • These items should be kept out of reach of young children.

For example, dishwasher tablets could look really like a sweet to a baby and they might put it in their mouth! Help at home by asking your child to help you keep these products in a safe place.

Living and Learning – I know that some drugs are harmful.

Posted on Wednesday 24 January 2024 by Miss Wilson

Over the last two weeks, we’ve learnt about drugs.

Help at home by discussing which are helpful and which are not.

We also welcomed local celebrity d:side Dave who taught us about the different types, including which are legal or not, and how to be safe when taking medicinal drugs.

Lots of our learning has focused on assessing risk.

We discussed several scenarios, such as learning a new skill, attending a job interview or drinking energy drinks, and wrote down the potential risks, likelihood of harm, safety measures and potential pay-offs.

As usual, Y6 were thoughtful, mature and engaged with this lesson.

Science: An experiment fit for a king!

Posted on Tuesday 23 January 2024 by Miss Goswami

Year 5 have planned and conducted an experiment fit for a king. They received a very special message from the King with a problem he was facing.

With this message in mind, Year 5 used the enquiry question ‘Which material is the best insulator of heat?’ A thermal insulator is a material that does not let heat pass through it easily or quickly.

Our scientific enquiry type was ‘comparative and fair testing’.

The children used three materials: fabric, bubble wrap and foil. They wrapped these around their beakers and used scientific equipment to measure the temperature of their ‘tea’. Year 5 recorded their results into their tables.

Next week, the children will analyse their results and see if they have any anomalous results (a result that does not fit in with the pattern of other results).


Help at home: Discuss the independent (what is changed), dependent (what is measured) and control (what is kept the same) variables in this experiment.

Living and Learning

Posted on Monday 22 January 2024 by Mrs Wood

Last week, our Living and Learning statement was ‘I know that some drugs can be harmful’. On Friday, Dave from d:side came to talk to us about how we can care for our bodies. The children impressed him with their amazing answers!

Strawberries are healthy.
You should brush your teeth in the morning and before bed.
Yoghurts have milk in. Milk is good for your teeth and bones.
You can have chocolate as a treat.

Guess who?

Posted on Monday 22 January 2024 by Mrs Wood

Last Friday, we had another go at drawing our faces. We looked carefully at our facial features. Can you spot your child’s self-portrait?

James and the Giant Peach

Posted on Monday 22 January 2024 by Alice Needham

Last week, we were reading at an extract from James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

We practised the skill of inference through ‘hot-seating’.

Hot-seating is where one child becomes a character and then the rest of the class asks the person questions about their behaviour, background, motivations or feelings.

The child then has to answer the questions in character!

Help at home by hot-seating with your child when reading their guided reading book!

We are historians!

Posted on Monday 22 January 2024 by Alice Needham

This half term in topic, we are historians.

In history, we are learning about the Romans and Anglo-Saxons.

This is our vocabulary for this topic:

chronology arrangement of events or dates in time order
empire a large group of countries or states ruled by an emperor
invasion when a country or region is invaded by an armed force
tax a payment you must make to a ruler or government
to resist to stand up to or fight back against something
innovation an improvement or replacement for something
bias a viewpoint that may be based more on opinion than fact
kingdom an area of land ruled by a monarch (a king or queen)

Before we learn about how the Romans came to invade Britain and how the Anglo-Saxons lived after the Romans had left, we needed to learn about what the timeline of British history looks like.

A timeline shows us the chronological order of events.

We have learnt that before the Romans invaded, Britain was living in the Iron Age. The people who lived at this time were called Celts.

The Celts:

  • lived in tribes
  • were farmers
  • lived in wooden, thatched huts
  • had no rulers but did have chiefs
  • made tools and weapons out of bronze and iron

After the Romans invaded, who had power in Britain changed. During the Iron Age, there were lots of tribes each with their own chief. However, in Roman Britain, there was one emperor who was in charge of the whole Roman Empire.

Help at home by asking how power changed from Iron Age Britain to Roman Britain.

Maths: Adding with different denominators

Posted on Sunday 21 January 2024 by Miss Goswami

For the past two lessons, Year 5 have been learning how to add fractions with different denominators.

Firstly, we recapped Year 4 learning where we added fractions with the same denominator.

We then moved on to fractions with different denominators. To add these types of fractions, we need to find equivalent fractions that have the same denominator. Once we have fractions that have the same denominators we can add them like we did previously. Have a look at a worked example.

Help at home: Have a go at these questions.

Spring term after-school clubs

Posted on Sunday 21 January 2024 by Mrs Taylor


We do have the following availability for clubs should your child wish to sign up.

Football Y4-6
Netball Y3-6
Drama Y3-5
Dodgeball Y4-6
Basketball KS1 Y1-3
Basketball KS2 Y4-Y6
Reading Reception – Y2


The after-school clubs for this term are available for booking. We hope your child/children can get involved with our extra-curricular activities.

Please contact the office if you have any queries about the after-school clubs.






Living and Learning: D:side drug education visitor

Posted on Sunday 21 January 2024 by Miss Goswami

This week, we had a visitor: D:side Dave! Dave came in to talk to Year 5 about the impacts of smoking and vaping.

First of all, we played a game of ‘Which is the most dangerous?’.

  • Knives or a plastic cup?
  • A toolbox or a Year 5 maths book?
  • Smoking or vaping?

The discussion led us onto the impacts and risks of traditional smoking. Have a look at the key points:

We then talked about the different types of vapes and  e.cigarettes and how their packaging is incredibly similar to some packaging for sweets. Take a closer look:

Finally, Dave spoke about how smoking and vaping can impact our health.

Help at home: How many different health impacts can you list in a minute?