Year 2 Class News

Yoga through the rainforest

Posted on Thursday 18 September 2014 by Miss Rushbrooke

Year 2 went on a journey through the rainforest on Wednesday but nobody left their yoga mat! We had great fun doing a rain dance as we got used to the rainforest’s humid climate and then climbed trees and met many animals before sailing down the Amazon and back home. Take a look at our fantastic poses.

This is Yoga Pose
We climbed the trees.
We met parrots...
... butterflies...

...and tigers!

Finally, we said goodbye to the sun and closed our eyes.

What a great yoga class. Well done, Year 2!




A great start

Posted on Wednesday 10 September 2014 by Miss Rushbrooke

Now that we’ve all settled into Year 2, it’s time to say welcome back to everybody and well done for such a great start to the year.

Already, we’ve been exploring our use of adjectives by working together to make sentences more interesting…

A dog walked down the street.

  • Add an adjective – An angry dog walked down the narrow street.
  • Choose a more interesting verb – A dog scurried down the street.
  • Use a conjunction to add information – A dog walked down the street so he could get back home.
  • Use an adverb – A dog walked hurriedly down the street.
  • Of course, you could use all of these to really improve your writing.

An angry dog scurried hurriedly down the narrow street so he could get back home.

We’ve also got lots of facts to remember for our Where in the world? topic. Here are some things we need to know. Maybe you could test us at home…

  • Seven continents – Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Australasia, Antarctica and Asia.
  • Five oceans – Arctic, Indian, Atlantic, Southern, Pacific
  • United Kingdom – England (London), Scotland (Edinburgh), Wales (Cardiff) and Northern Ireland (Belfast).

Keep up the hard work, Year 2.

Smile for miles on the St Gemma’s sponsored walk

Posted on Monday 08 September 2014 by Mrs Taylor

One of our chosen school charities, St Gemma’s Hospice, is holding their first ever Happy Walk on Saturday 20 September. This is a good opportunity to support our school charity but also to take part in a great morning with your family while walking 3.5 or 5.5 miles around Roundhay Park. The event starts at 10am.

We’ll be co-ordinating registration for the event and registration forms are available now from the office.

Entrance for this event is £5 (children under 12 walk free) and each walker will get a free hot drink and cake. All participants are asked to raise sponsorship money. It is also a pram and wheelchair friendly route so the whole family really can get involved.

There will be an activity pack that children can take with them on the walk where they can look out for wildlife and take some tree rubbings. Before the walk starts there will also be a face painter, a chance to meet Olaf from Frozen, and time to make your own Happy Loom band to wear and keep.

St Gemma’s are also encouraging all walkers to wear what makes them Happy on the walk – whether that’s a silly hat, fluffy socks or a brightly coloured t-shirt.

We hope you are able to join in with the St Gemma’s Happy Walk.

New SEAL theme

Posted on Monday 01 September 2014 by Mrs Taylor

As we start the new school year, our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) theme focuses on new beginnings.

‘I make someone feel welcome’ is the first SEAL statement to launch the theme.

New Beginnings allows children the opportunity to discuss and reflect on how they or others may feel in a new situation or setting. This SEAL theme offers children the opportunity to see themselves as valued individuals within a community, and to contribute to shaping a welcoming, safe and fair learning community for all.

During the theme, the key areas of learning are empathy, self-awareness, social skills and motivation.

Through discrete SEAL lessons, circle times and across the curriculum, children will explore feelings of happiness and excitement, sadness, anxiety and fearfulness, while learning (and putting into practice) shared models for calming down and problem-solving.

New Beginnings supports the development of a learning community in each classroom where all members feel that they belong. Class contracts, produced at the start of the year, allow children to contribute to how they feel they can achieve a safe and fair learning community.

Ready to learn

Posted on Tuesday 29 July 2014 by Mr Roundtree

It’s the summer holidays and, in line with our homework policy, there is no formal homework set over the six-week break.

That doesn’t mean that your child won’t be learning!  We learn all the time – and so do children, whether it’s through play, day-trips, independent reading, discussions at home…

And of course, you’ll be keen to support your child at home so the basic facts aren’t forgotten.  Please think about key English and Maths knowledge that you can gently practise over the holidays:

  • number bonds: knowing pairs of numbers that add to make ten, like 3+7=10 and therefore 10-7=3).  When your child is secure with pairs that total ten, can they extend this knowledge to pairs which make 20 (13+7=20, for example) and 100 (such as 30+70=100) – make this fun by using some sweet treats or how about stringing ten loom bracelets on string and then hiding some and making the link with the ones that are left (how many are hidden if you can see three bracelets?)
  • times tables: Year 2 children should have an emerging knowledge of the 2 times table and the 10 times table at least, and children who have just finished Year 4 should know all their times tables (up to 12 x 12) and the division facts, too (7×8=56 so 56÷7=8) – think about chanting some times tables or buying an app to practise just a few minutes every day to keep your child’s knowledge sharp!
  • reading: lots of reading over the holidays will help your child in lots of different ways – visit the local library; take part in our Extreme Reading competition; if you’re going to a theme park or museum, read the leaflet and the website… there are loads of opportunities to build in reading as a daily activity!
  • writing: reading will help your child’s spellings and writing style, so don’t force lots of writing, but do try to encourage some useful, purposeful writing – write some postcards to friends and relatives , or send some emails instead, and make lists for what to pack on holiday, or what to buy if planning a sleepover.

Check out this guide about supporting learning, useful whether it’s term-time of holiday time!

Finally, make sure you enjoy the summer break!

The end of a brilliant year!

Posted on Monday 21 July 2014 by Miss Rushbrooke

Wow! What a fantastic year this has been. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Moortown and it’s due to the children in Year 2. We’ve learnt so much and everyone is leaving Year 2 as more enthusiastic, mature young learners. I’m particularly pleased with how our behaviour has improved and expect to see this good work continue in Year 3. Good luck everyone. Enjoy your Summer!


An Ode to Year 2

Never will your smile be fuller,

than when with Danny and Abdullah.

All great kids, but to name a few,

Pohnum, Nishaan and Matthew.

Always a smile with a great big gleam,

from Aleena, Pavan, Elias, Saleem.

Megan, Hibba and good old Stan,

will help you out where ever they can.

Noah, Owen, Zeewa and Nieve,

have grown so much before they leave.

Never will there be a sad face

when with Archie, Enya, Harry or Grace.

This class you’ll find are always ‘chippa’

Matteo, Umaimah, Edward and Pippa.

Try their best, they always can,

Nico, Brandon, Hibba and Sam.

Olly and Issy have learnt so much,

Year 2…

…do stay in touch

10 minute shake up

Posted on Monday 21 July 2014 by Mrs Taylor

Change4Life and Disney have teamed up to help your kids have fun and move more this summer.  Sign up for the 10 Minute Shake  Up Pack and you’ll get a FREE stopwatch, fun activity cards,  Disney themed wall chart and stickers – all inspired by your kids’ favourite Disney characters!

The 10 Minute Shake Up games are a fantastic way to help your kids get the recommended  60 minutes or more of physical activity they need every day. Being active helps your kids maintain a healthy weight and helps their heart and bones  stay healthy. Visit the 10 Minute  Shake Up Zone for loads of fun game ideas.



Staying safe in sport

Posted on Thursday 10 July 2014 by Miss Rushbrooke

Year 2 went to Roundhay School on Tuesday to use their sporting facilities and learn how to be safe on a trampoline. We all had a great time bouncing and learnt some new tricks along the way.

Inspired by the Tour de France?

Posted on Sunday 06 July 2014 by Mrs Taylor

What an amazing spectacle the Tour de France has been this weekend.

If you have been inspired to get on your bike then next week we are having a bike, scooter and walk to school week alongside our Staying Safe week.

Each day this golden lock will be placed on a random bike or scooter, in our storage area.  If it is your bike or scooter you will be the lucky winner of a £20 voucher, kindly donated by the Chapel Allerton branch of Edinburgh bicycle cooperative.









On Wednesday, from 8:30am, Edinburgh bike cooperative will be visiting school for a Dr bike event.  Children who bring their bike to school can have a free bike maintenance check to ensure their bike is in its best condition.  Edinburgh bike cooperative will be with us all morning checking bikes and also providing bike maintenance sessions for Year 5 so they can maintain their own bikes.

Would you like to explore cycle routes across the city?  Leeds City council have produced a series of local cycle maps. Additionally, Go:cycling offer a range of free cycling services.


Seaside art attack

Posted on Monday 30 June 2014 by Miss Rushbrooke

We are coming to the end of our seaside topic this week and to celebrate all of the work we have done we created our own seaside ‘art attack’ in the classroom today.

First, we decided what we might use to create the sea, sand and sky and then we thought about what extre things we could have on our picture and what we could use to create them.

The items we used


Once we’d gathered everything we needed, we set to work. We worked really well as a team and all had some very creative ideas to come up with a very impressive finished product.

What do you think?