Year 2 Class News

“We’re eating a balanced meal.”

Posted on Thursday 24 October 2013 by Miss Rushbrooke

Last week, Year 2 were introduced to some new friends who helped us know how to eating healthily. We met Donny Dairy, Colin Carbohydrate, Victor Vitamin, Peter Protein and Freddy Fats. First, we sorted different foods into the five food groups.

Then, we planned our own balanced meal by choosing

  • three items of food from Victor Vitamin and Colin Carbohydrate (the food groups we should eat most of)
  • two items of food from Donny dairy and Peter Protein
  • one or no types of food from Freddy fat.

On Friday, we made our meal and all ate a healthy, balanced meal together.

 When asked who had enjoyed their meal, here was the response!









Let’s all go shopping!

Posted on Thursday 10 October 2013 by Miss Rushbrooke

Today, Year 2 were all rich and went on a big sweet shop in our maths lesson. We had to find out how much the items on our shopping list were and then find the correct coins we needed to be able to pay for them. We really enjoyed using the coins (but were very disappointed when we realised they were only plastic).


After talking as a class, we decided it would be really good practice to try our new skills out with real money when going to the shops. Why not ask us to find out how much something is and let us see if we can pick out the coins we need to pay for it?

Doctor Doctor

Posted on Friday 04 October 2013 by Mrs Weekes

A real doctor came to visit us at school today.  She spoke to us about her job as a doctor and she told us how we can keep ourselves healthy.  We were able to use her stethoscope – did you know that if you listen to your tummy with a stethoscope you can still hear your heartbeat as well?  We discovered that our tummies make very strange noises!  A few of us had our pulses checked, fortunately we were all very healthy!


“Wow!” said Miss Rushbrooke.

Posted on Wednesday 02 October 2013 by Miss Rushbrooke

We have been looking at a number of different sentence skills as part of our narrative topic and today we focussed on speech. Working in pairs, we arranged our sentences so that the speech was punctuated correctly. We could then practise writing this as a sentence on our whiteboards, checking that we didn’t miss out any important punctuation.


New vocab!

Reporting clause : identifies the speaker. It can be found before, after or in the middle of speech.

  • “Good morning, how are you all today?” said Miss Rushbrooke.
  • Miss Rushbrooke said, “Good morning, how are you all today?”
  • “Good morning,” said Miss Rushbrooke, “how are you all today?”

Get set for a new park run

Posted on Sunday 29 September 2013 by Mrs Taylor

A new free weekly 2km run at Roundhay Park has been set up after a £1500 grant was provided by local councillors.  The Roundhay Junior Park Run will take place every Sunday morning and is open to children aged between four and fourteen.  Parkrun is a worldwide organisation which sets up and manages free weekly timed runs in parkland surroundings.  Fancy a go yourself…?  There is also a weekly 5km run every Saturday at 9am.

Feel the benefits of being active in Leeds

Posted on Sunday 29 September 2013 by Mrs Taylor

Leeds Let’s Get Active is a programme of free activities from October to December 2013. Free gym and swim sessions will be available across all Leeds City Council leisure centres from 30 September 2013. Other activities such as walking and running as well as family-based activities are also available at locations in the city. You can now register online  to find out more information on what is available, where and when on the Leeds Let’s Get Active activity programme.

With free swim and gym at Scott Hall leisure centre and health walks at Meanwood there is plenty on offer in the local area.


Measuring George’s Marvellous Medicine

Posted on Thursday 26 September 2013 by Miss Rushbrooke

We have been learning about measures in maths and today we made our very own marvellous medicine. We put all sorts of horrible things in; like engine oil, plant juice, hair growth ointment and lots more! Our measuring was very accurate and we all worked well in our teams to help each other.

Miss Rushbrooke tasted it!

Nothing has happened to her yet, I wonder if she’ll be any different tomorrow?

Yoga time

Posted on Thursday 26 September 2013 by Miss Rushbrooke

Having discussed ways for us to calm down if we are nervous, scared, excited or giddy, we tried out a few yoga positions. Take a look at their names, we found them really useful when remembering which position was which.

Downward facing dog
Happy cat


Angry cat

Maybe you could try it yourself? We felt very calm and relaxed afterwards!

Magnificent measurements

Posted on Thursday 19 September 2013 by Miss Rushbrooke

Year 2 have just started their new topic ‘Doctor! Doctor!’

We spent our first lesson on length measuring different parts of our bodies.

How long is this finger?
How tall are you? Who has the longest arm?

Year 2 PE days

Posted on Saturday 07 September 2013 by Miss Rushbrooke

Please make sure your children have their PE kits in school on Tuesday and Thursday as these are our days for PE.  This is an essential part of our curriculum so it’s really important that children have the correct clothing so that they can fully participate in these lessons.

Here is a reminder of what they should be wearing for PE (copied from our uniform policy):

PE: children should wear white t-shirt, black shorts / tracksuit bottoms and pumps

Thank you for your support.