Year 2 Class News

The Tin Forest

Posted on Monday 19 January 2015 by Mr Roundtree

For the first two weeks of Spring Term, we’ve enjoyed a book called The Tin Forest by Helen Ward. This tells the tale of an old man who lives on the edge of nowhere, near forgotten, whose house is surrounded by other people’s rubbish.

We started our mini topic by looking at the pictures and developing our prediction and inference skills for reading.

We found out a lot just from the front cover!


We wondered about who might live in the abandoned house and whether we’d like to go there ourselves. It was a unanimous NO!









Then we thought about who might live in this house and what sort of questions we might want to ask that person. Here are some of our ideas…

After writing a diary entry as the old man; a letter to a real person who lives on a dump; a description of the final forest; and a poem… we made our very own Tin Forest!

Keep visiting our news feed for weekly updates on the forest and how it is growing and thank you to those of you who contributed to our tin tree trunks.

Moortown’s Got Talent

Posted on Friday 09 January 2015 by Mrs Valentine

Moortown’s Got Talent will be held on Thursday 22 January 2015. This week, the children have informed their teachers if they wish to audition. Next week, auditions will be held accordingly:

  • Monday – Years 3 & 4
  • Wednesday – Years 1, 2 and Reception
  • Thursday – Years 5 & 6

If your child is planning on using a backing track or props specifically for their act, they must bring them in on their audition day. A keyboard will be provided for children wishing to use a piano.

Children who are successful will be informed on Friday 16 January.

Have a talent-ful weekend!




New SEAL theme – Good to be me

Posted on Sunday 04 January 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Our new SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) theme for this half-term, Good to be me, focuses on three main areas of learning:

Self-awareness – feeling good about yourself, taking risks.

Managing Feelings – understanding feelings, and why and how they lead us to behave the way we do – particularly the feelings of being excited, proud, surprised, hopeful, disappointed, worried and anxious and standing up for yourself –assertiveness skills, standing up for your views.


This theme explores feelings in the context of the child as an individual, developing self-awareness and helping the child to realise that it really is ‘Good to be me’. The theme is about understanding our feelings as well as considering our strengths and weaknesses as learners.

The key ideas and concepts behind this theme are:

Building emotional resilience

Children need to become resilient if they are to be healthy and effective life-long learners.

Coping with anxiety and worrying

Worry and anxiety are major features in many children’s lives. Many children have good reasons to be anxious. Exploring worries is important.

Calming down

Although getting stressed, anxious or angry are important and useful emotions, sometimes these feelings can be overwhelming.


The theme encourages children to become assertive – that is, able to recognise and stand up for their rights while recognising and respecting the rights of others.

Understanding feelings and how they influence behaviour

The theme explores the relationship between ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ and the way each impacts on our behaviour. It looks at Flight or Fight rapid response to situations of threat and our responses to feeling threatened /under stress.

‘I respond to difficult situations in a positive way’ is the first SEAL statement for the theme of Good to be me.


Party Time

Posted on Thursday 18 December 2014 by Mrs Weekes

The party season has now officially started! Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 danced and jigged their way through the afternoon with a few games thrown in. It was a great way to finish off the term – looking forward to non-uniform day tomorrow with lots of fun things planned. Here are a few photos of the fun and games this afternoon.
Happy Christmas everyone.

Happy Christmas!

Posted on Thursday 18 December 2014 by Mr Roundtree

Hello all! Autumn Term is at an end and we’re off to enjoy our festive holidays. Just a quick note to say well done to the children for this term. They’ve had an excellent attitude to learning meaning that we’ve been able to do all sorts of fun learning. We’ve travelled the globe in our ‘Where in the World’ mini-topic; taken a journey through art in ‘Katie and…’ big topic; and become enquiring scientists through ‘What’s the Matter?’. Rounding off our term was the fabulous production of Baubles which we all hope you enjoyed.

One last round of applause for all of the Year 2s…







and, of course… MR POTTS

Thank you for your support this term, have a lovely holiday and, from all of us…

Christmas Party

Posted on Friday 12 December 2014 by Mrs Weekes

It’s that time of year again when we get our party dresses out and our posh trousers on and dance the afternoon away at the Christmas party!

KS1 and Reception will be having their Christmas party on Thursday 18 December in the afternoon.  Your child can bring their party dresses and/or posh trousers (and anything else they want to wear) in a named bag so that they can get changed at lunchtime.  Please make sure that all children come to school in their uniform as normal.  You may think that they will not be able to get ready themselves – believe me, they can.  However, there will be help at hand for zips, tights and any other difficult item!

Please do not send any food – there will be a party snack provided.

Thank you.

We are resilient

Posted on Sunday 23 November 2014 by Mr Roundtree

This week’s Rs for learning are…

  • I can be resilient.
  • I take safe risks.

To see how resilient we could be, Year 2 took on the Marshmallow Tower Challenge. Each team of three were given half a packet of spaghetti and a whole load of mini marshmallows. Our towers were very difficult to make sturdy and kept falling down! Everybody did a great job staying positive and trying and trying and trying again if their tower fell down.


Great teamwork!



And the prize for tallest tower goes to….

Several times on purpose

Posted on Sunday 23 November 2014 by Mrs Taylor

Alongside our Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds themed week it has been national anti-bullying week.

Our school definition has been discussed by the School Council and has been amended, 10.11.14, to incorporate the stop message.

‘Bullying is when you hurt someone, physically or emotionally, several times on purpose.’

Following a whole school assembly, Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team have delivered Show Racism the Red Card workshops across school and in class children have discussed these aspects of bullying:

  • Our revised definition of bullying (above)
  • Types of bullying – cyber-bullying and prejudice-based bullying related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and belief, special educational need and disability
  • What to do if children experience bullying. The key message is to tell someone (start telling other people)

Bullying resources can be found at…

Children tell us what they would do if they were bullied ‘…I would tell an adult, teacher or someone I trust.’

All classes have access to their class SEAL box or a whole school worry box where they can tell an adult any concerns about bullying or any other issues.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Posted on Sunday 23 November 2014 by Mrs Taylor

Our themed week, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds,  has been filled with visits and visitors providing a variety of experiences for the whole school.

We would like to thank the following for their support with our themed week:

Finally, thank you to all staff and pupils who have fully engaged with all the learning throughout the week.  Take a look at the Class News sections of the website to find out what each class have been doing.  We have enjoyed a fun-filled week.

For further information about healthy bodies and healthy minds have a look at the Kids health website and Leeds Let’s Change for advice on more local health issues.


And an extra note from me, Mr Roundtree: I’d like to also thank Mrs Taylor for continuing to organise wonderful, packed themed weeks around being healthy or staying safe.  She puts an incredible amount of effort into ensuring our pupils enjoy some wonderful learning opportunities from staff and visitors. 

Ronnie the Rhino and the Challenge Cup!

Posted on Friday 21 November 2014 by Mr Wilks

Yesterday, we had a fun-packed assembly from two Leeds Rhino Coaches who recapped some very important messages about how to have a healthy lifestyle. They introduced us to their friend Ronnie the Rhino – who had successfully changed his unhealthy lifestyle by eating a more balanced diet and doing lots more exercise. We were also very lucky as Ronnie had brought in The Challenge Cup which the Leeds Rhinos won recently.