Year 2 Class News

What’s happening this week?

Posted on Sunday 21 June 2015 by Mr Roundtree

Green Fingers continues and we’re moving our growing outside. New school planters have arrived so this week will see us building and planting in these. We’ll move the seedlings that have been getting on so well in the shared area into the planters to see how they do in the outside world. On Wednesday we’re going to go to the park as our learning moves from flowers to trees. We’ll be exploring the local environment to see what trees we already know the names of and which we can identify using the shape of their leaves.

Maths – Returning to multiplication means times table practice is, as always, extremely helpful for our learning in class. Go counting crazy as you walk up the stairs, travel in the car, walking to school; you could even try the 3 and 4 times tables in preparation for moving into Year 3. As part of multiplication, we’ll also be working with money so if you go to the shop and buy 3 oranges at 50p each, see if we can tell you how much by using our 5 times table knowledge.

English – Entering the world of SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), we’ll be recapping nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Use Post It notes to label your house’s nouns then go round again and add an adjective to each one. Play verb charades then make it harder by adding an adverbs.

  • common noun – a thing (you can precede with ‘a’ or ‘the’) like ‘the table‘ or ‘a dishcloth
  • adjective – add information to the noun like ‘a square table’ or ‘the wonderful garden’
  • verb – an action like ‘to sing‘ or ‘to dance
  • adverb – describes how, where or when you perform an action like ‘I sang beautifully‘ or ‘I danced on the table’

Roundhay Park Fun Run

Posted on Saturday 20 June 2015 by Mrs Valentine

Well done to all the children (and parents!) who took part in the racing events at Roundhay Park this morning. It was great to see so many families running together and cheering each other on. Mr Catherall and I were really impressed that children from Reception through to Year 6 were involved and by everyone who entered the 1k and 5k races – enjoy a rest tomorrow!



Free tennis lessons

Posted on Monday 15 June 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Free tennis lessons (for children and adults) are available locally at David Lloyd and Roundhay Park over the next few months.


What’s happening this week?

Posted on Saturday 13 June 2015 by Mr Roundtree

Our plant topic continues and we’re starting to see the fruits of our labour.

week beginning 01.06.15
week beginning 08.06.15

This week, we’ll see our plants moving outside into planters so see if you can spot them and see how they’re progressing.

Maths – As we’re watching our plants grow, we’re going to practise our ruler skills so that we can measure the height of our plants and continue doing so as they grow. Additionally, we’ll be looking at temperature. When do we measure temperature? How does temperature change throughout the year? How does temperature affect us and the world around us? We shall also look at reading scales on thermometers which will involve our being introduced to negative numbers.

English – After two weeks of writing non-fiction, our creative juices will be flowing again as we take on the character of The Hungry Caterpillar and perform, discuss and write poetry. Help at home by talking about poems you know or like and seeing how much of it you can learn and remember.

This week we begin our new SEAL theme, Changes

Posted on Tuesday 09 June 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Following our focus on manners last week, we now begin the SEAL theme of Changes. This theme aims to equip children with an understanding of different types of change, positive and negative, and common responses to change. It aims to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in three key social and emotional aspects of living and learning: motivation, managing feelings and social skills.

The key ideas and concepts behind this theme are:

  • Change can be uncomfortable, because it can threaten our basic needs to feel safe and to belong
  • Change can also be stimulating and welcome
  • Both adults and children can experience a range of powerful and conflicting emotions as a result of change – for example, excitement, anxiety, uncertainty, loss, anger, resentment
  • Worries about change can be made worse by uncertainty, lack of information, or misinformation and lack of support from others
  • People’s responses to and ability to cope with change are very variable, and might be influenced by individual temperament, previous experience of change, and the nature of the change – chosen or imposed, expected or unexpected, within our control or out of our control
  • Some children may welcome most forms of change and dislike routine and predictability. Other children may find even small changes very difficult.

Within school, children, who are coping with or have undergone significant change, are supported in a variety of ways:

  • Our positive ethos within school
  • Support systems, from staff and peers, for children who have undergone change or who maybe new to the school
  • SEAL and circle time sessions where children feel safe to talk about their feelings
  • Class SEAL boxes for children to record any concerns
  • Preparing children wherever possible for planned changes for example, a change of class teacher, Key Stage or even school


Moortown botanists

Posted on Tuesday 09 June 2015 by Mr Roundtree

Lab coats went on yesterday as we all turned into botanists. It was time to find out once and for what plants need to grow so we set up an experiment. We planted the same seed and gave it different conditions to see which would grow and which would not.

Here are the conditions we set up:

  • soil, water, light, warmth, air
  • no soil, water, light, warmth, air
  • soil, no water, light, warmth, air
  • soil, water, no light, warmth, air
  • soil, water, light, cold place, air
  • soil, water, light, warmth, no air
We made a prediction as to whether we thought our plant would grow and why. Which do you think will grow and why do you think that?

Plant news

Posted on Tuesday 09 June 2015 by Mr Roundtree

Having planted all sorts of seeds last week, let’s see how they’re getting on. We’ve had them sat on a sunny window sill and they’ve been watered everyday.

The sunflowers have started growing very quickly but we’ve also got tomatoes shooting through the soil and some marigolds and courguette poking through too. They’ll be planted outside next week so you’ll be able to come and have a look.


Making it through the maze.

Posted on Tuesday 09 June 2015 by Mr Roundtree

We’re trying to make our way through mazes in maths by using lots of directional language.

  • forward
  • backward
  • left
  • right
  • quarter turn
  • half turn
  • three-quarter turn
  • clockwise
  • anti-clockwise
We directed each other through an obstacle course…
We also helped the penguin get through some very complicated mazes.
Carry on at home by letting your child direct you from your bed to the living room, for example, or set up an obstacle course in the garden.

Return of Leeds Sky Ride

Posted on Monday 08 June 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Join the cycling revolution in Leeds as Sky Ride returns for its third year bringing thousands of cyclists and spectators to a traffic free city centre.

The free family friendly mass-participation bike ride takes place on Sunday 14 June 10am – 3pm. Registration is now open at  and people are being encouraged to sign up fast as places are filling up.

Previous years have proved to be very successful attracting more than 8,500 people of all ages and abilities, with many more lining the streets to cheer along friends, relatives and loved ones.

For those not jumping on a bike there is plenty to get involved with thanks to the return of the “Tricks and Tunes” area featuring top DJs as well as pro BMX and mountain bikers performing jaw-dropping stunts not for the faint-hearted.

Riders can look forward to starting from the same point, on The Headrow, as cycling legends during last summer’s “Grandest of Grand Départs”. They will also pass iconic city landmarks from Leeds University to the town hall and First Direct Arena.

Riders can challenge family and friends in the Sprint Zone, experience the sensory tunnel and find out more about cycling opportunities in Leeds. Bike experts at Halfords are offering a free bike safety check to everyone who registers and will be on hand to help out with any last minute problems. Join the cycling revolution in Leeds as Sky Ride returns for its third year bringing thousands of cyclists and spectators to a traffic free city centre.

The event is one of 15 to be held nationally and is part of a continuing partnership between Leeds City Council, British Cycling, Sky and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority which aims to encourage more people to get cycling.


Getting green-fingered

Posted on Thursday 04 June 2015 by Mr Roundtree

We kicked off our Green Fingers topic this week by planting some seeds. It was really interesting to see how the seeds were different shapes and sizes and it helped us to understand where they came from. Grace liked how different the Marigold seeds were (long and thin) and Farai really wanted to try eating a sunflower seed.

Hopefully, we’re green fingered enough to keep our seeds warm, watered and with plenty of sunlight to help them grow.