Year 2 Class News

Egg update

Posted on Wednesday 16 December 2015 by Mr Wilks

End of week 1:







Fruit Shoot


Coca Cola


Creative homeworks

Posted on Friday 11 December 2015 by Mr Wilks

Below are our favourite Health Week homeworks. 


Bedtime reading

Posted on Thursday 10 December 2015 by Mr Roundtree

We like these top tips to promote bedtime reading from Book Trust.

Although these are specifically for children who are starting to read by themselves, there are plenty of tips to support children of all ages.

(The Book Trust’s advent calendar is brilliant, too!)

8Rs for learning

Posted on Sunday 06 December 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Resilience, resourcefulness, readiness, responsibility, risk-taking, responsiveness, remembering and …reflection.

This week we complete our 8Rs SEAL theme.  Children will have the opportunity to not only reflect on their learning in general but also reflect on how the 8Rs supports their learning.

Talk with your child about what they’ve learnt, asking questions about how they learnt, why they learnt it, when they’ll use their learning, how they would teach this to someone else, what learning might link with what they’ve learnt today…

Can your child remember the 8Rs and the associated animal?

Healthy drinks update – day 4

Posted on Wednesday 02 December 2015 by Mr Wilks

These pictures were taken on Monday. So far, the children have been most shocked by the Fruit Shoot and the Monster. We had to throw the milk away as it had started to smell bad!







Fruit Shoot


Coca Cola


Healthy drinks update – day 2

Posted on Wednesday 02 December 2015 by Mr Wilks


Fruit Shoot
Coca Cola

Preparing a healthy wrap

Posted on Sunday 29 November 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Year 2 are continuing to develop their food technology skills, this time by creating a healthy wrap as an option for packed lunches. Spreading, chopping and grating were some of the techniques used in this simple recipe that I’m sure will be recreated at home.





Day 1 – Healthy drinks update

Posted on Saturday 28 November 2015 by Mr Wilks

So, here are some pictures of the eggs after 24 hours in the drinks:


The water had no visible change.


The Monster egg had blistered and was peeling off.


The Lucazade had some small blisters.


The Fruit Shoot had little blisters and had changed colour.


The Coca Cola egg had changed colour slightly.


The Milk egg had no visible changes.


One of your 5 a day for free

Posted on Thursday 26 November 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Our weekly fruit tuck shop runs on a Tuesday playtime. It’s for Key Stage 2 children, with a charge of 20p per portion and a pre-payment option available.

Today, as part of health week, all children, including Reception and Key Stage 1, were invited to an extra tuck shop free of charge.  This gave children who might not normally come to the tuck shop the chance to try it out.

It was great to see everyone enjoying a fruit-filled playtime.

tuck shoptuck shop3 tuck shop7


Polished performance

Posted on Thursday 26 November 2015 by Mrs Taylor

This week is the final week of our Autumn term after-school clubs.

It was great to see so many parents come to watch the routine learnt by children attending the popular dance club led by Edward Lynch.

dance club

Edward has worked with class teachers in curriculum PE to develop their teaching of dance and his enthusiasm for this subject has certainly rubbed off on the children who attended this club.

  • ‘It was an amazing club.”
  • ‘I like dance even more now.’