Year 2 Class News

Healthy packed lunches

Posted on Thursday 26 November 2015 by Mrs Taylor

As it is health week, copies of our Guide to Healthy Packed Lunches have been given out at lunchtime today as a reminder for children who choose to bring a packed lunch to school.

We encourage at least one piece of fruit or vegetable in packed lunches and snack items occasionally, as a treat, but aim for healthy options.  Lots of learning has taken place in health week looking at quantities of sugar in drinks and the importance of drinking water to keep hydrated.  We therefore encourage water which is freely available for packed lunch children.

There were also some prizes for healthy packed lunches.

packed lunchpacked lunch2

Which drinks are good for your teeth?

Posted on Thursday 26 November 2015 by Mr Wilks

We’ve started an experiment this week investigating the effect that different drinks have on your teeth. Unfortunately, the children weren’t willing to give up their own wobbly teeth as they needed to keep them for the tooth fairy. Instead, we’ve used egg shells which do a similar job to the enamel on teeth.

We chose these drinks:

IMG_6831Water which has no sugar or sweeteners.

Fruit Shoot which has sweeteners and some natural sugar from fruit juice.

Lucozade which has 62g of sugar in a bottle.

Milk which has a little natural sugar.

Coca Cola which has 54g of sugar in a bottle.

Monster Energy which has sweeteners but no added sugar


We immersed the eggs in the liquids – after Mr Wilks had spent a daft amount of time poking holes in them with a pin and creating little hooks so we could lift them out of the liquids to look at them:


Next, we made predictions about what we thought would happen. Here are a few of our predictions:

  • “I think the egg in the Lucazade will crack because Lucazade has a lot of sugar in it.”
  • “Because the Fruit Shoot is purple, the egg will change colour to purple.”
  • “I think the egg in the water will not change as it has no sugar in it.”
  • “I think the egg in the Monster drink will break because it is an energy drink and it will push it down.”















We will update you with some photos over the next few days.


Posted on Thursday 26 November 2015 by Mr Wilks

Yesterday Rob taught us about judo. We learnt that judo originated in Japan. We learnt that respect is very important in judo. We also learnt that using your brain is as important as strength. Rob also taught us how to perform some judo techniques.



Posted on Thursday 26 November 2015 by Mr Wilks

This morning, Rachel taught us some yoga. It was very calm and relaxing though some of the movements were quite tough!

  • “I felt relaxed” – Eleni
  • “I felt liked is just woken up from a dream” – Arundeep


Can you name all the sports?

Posted on Tuesday 24 November 2015 by Mrs Taylor

As an alternative to our daily Wake Up Shake Up today, Year 2 attempted all the actions from this Olympic sport themed action video.


Some sports were familiar but there were lots of new ones we tried out.

Why not try this routine at home?

Healthy eating

Posted on Tuesday 24 November 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Food nutritionists from Catering Leeds, our school dinner provider, visited us today as part of health week. Using the eat well plate, we sorted ingredients from some of our school dinner meals. We also learnt about the importance of eating the right amount of different types of foods and looked at some healthy snack alternatives.



























It was great to hear the visitors were impressed by the children’s prior knowledge of 5 a day and the eat well plate.

Why not try this at home?  Ask your child to tell you which part of your meal goes in the different sections of the eat well plate (look out for copies of the eat well plate to be sent home this week).

How far can germs travel when someone sneezes?

Posted on Tuesday 24 November 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Do you know how many food groups there are on the eat well plate or how many hours sleep a school aged child needs?

These were some of the health facts that Year 2 discussed today.



Posted on Tuesday 24 November 2015 by Mr Wilks

This afternoon, in our PE session, we’ve been learning basketball skills with Carnegie coaches.





Race walking…

Posted on Tuesday 24 November 2015 by Mrs Valentine

Today, we’ve had a visit from Team GB’s race walker, Tom Bosworth, who showed us how he race walks. Tom trains up to three times a day and frequently practises in Roundhay Park so keep a look out for him next time you pay the park a visit! Tom is currently in training for the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Be sure to quiz your child about the rules of race walking…

Team GB race walker, Tom Bosworth, showed us a thing or two about race walking!
Team GB race walker, Tom Bosworth, showed us a thing or two about race walking!


Posted on Monday 23 November 2015 by Mr Wilks

This morning, we worked with children from Y1 and Reception class thinking about what foods count toward your daily target of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. We then tasted had time to taste some!

Read some good guidance about this.