Year 2 Class News

Phonics fun

Posted on Monday 08 February 2016 by Mr Wilks

We’ve been learning about comparatives and superlatives in phonics this morning. We’ve also been learning about one of our key spelling rules: drop the y for an i.


Measuring mass

Posted on Thursday 04 February 2016 by Mr Wilks

This morning we’ve been measuring mass using rice, weights and balance scales. 



A moment of mindfulness

Posted on Wednesday 03 February 2016 by Mrs Taylor

After a busy lunchtime, Year 2 had a moment of mindfulness to get focussed for the afternoon’s learning.

year 2

Starfish Hand Meditation

This is a great way to divert and refocus the mind.

  1. Spread your fingers out like a starfish on one hand.
  2. Take your finger from the other hand and trace around your fingers and hand.
  3. As you do this, concentrate on only how it feels and let other thoughts float away.
  4. Continue until you feel relaxed and calm.

School dinners

Posted on Thursday 28 January 2016 by Mrs Taylor

Our school dinner menu was discussed by our School Council this week.  They also talked about ways to encourage others to try some of the new meals that are on the Spring term menu.

Did you know the menu is available to view on our website and also displayed on our dining room window. This is a good way to make your child aware of what the daily meals are.

The menu follows a three week cycle and it changed on a termly basis.

Here are the options for today.

sch dinn sch din 2







sch din 3



Animal Antics

Posted on Wednesday 27 January 2016 by Mr Wilks

Mags, from Animals Intuition, came into school this morning to show us and teach us about her animals. Here are some pictures: 


School Council elections 11 February

Posted on Tuesday 26 January 2016 by Mrs Taylor

Our current school councillors held their final meeting today as we prepare to elect our new school council.  This year’s election date is Thursday 11 February.

Children from every class, including Reception, are encouraged to prepare a speech to present to their class as part of the election process.  Our whole school homework before the election date (05 February) will give children the chance to plan their speech.

Thank you to our existing school council who have been involved with many decisions and discussions throughout the year.  On today’s agenda, there have been discussions around the new school dinner menu, classroom reading areas, e-safety and general suggestions put forward by children in each class.  It appears they have enjoyed the role as they all intend to stand again at the elections.

Creative homework 

Posted on Saturday 23 January 2016 by Mr Wilks

Here are this week’s favourite creative homeworks, as chosen by the children:


Borrow a book, borrow a bike

Posted on Thursday 21 January 2016 by Mrs Taylor

With 100 days to this year’s Tour De Yorkshire, a local bike library has been set up locally at Moor Allerton Library.

Leeds City Council has introduced a new Yorkshire Bike Bank which will allow residents to borrow bikes as well as books from the library.



Show and Tell

Posted on Saturday 09 January 2016 by Mr Wilks

Tuesday’s Show and Tell is changing this term to make it a bit more focussed and structured. Instead of bringing in objects from home, children will bring in their favourite books and talk about them. This could be their favourite story, fact book, poetry collection, recipe book, religious book. If your child has a favourite author, they could talk about this person and their books.

Children will be told the Tuesday before if it’s their turn. This gives them some time to decide what book they will choose and what they are going to say. I’m not expecting a ten minute presentations, just a minute or two. They won’t need to prepare slides but they might like to make a few notes to help them remember what they are going to say.

A general structure for their presentation could be:

  1. Introduce the book – What is it? What is it about? Who has written it? Illustrated it?
  2. Why do you like it?
  3. If it’s a story, what are the main characters like?
  4. What are your favourite parts of the story, favourite recipe, fact page, etc.
  5. Who would you recommend the story to and why?









A big thank you!

Posted on Saturday 09 January 2016 by Mr Wilks

Thank you to all the people who donated money at the end of the Whoops-a-Daisy Angel performances. Altogether, we raised a fantastic £287.78! This will be split between our two charities: St Gemma’s Hospice and Cancer Research.