Year 2 Class News

Aerial Art

Posted on Friday 18 September 2015 by Mr Wilks

This afternoon, we’ve created a huge version of the Sky-God from our class novel using some of the repeated patterns we made earlier in the week. 


Finding synonyms…

Posted on Friday 18 September 2015 by Mr Wilks

This morning in our English lesson, we’ve been finding synonyms for some common adjectives.

A synonym is a word or phrase which means the same or nearly the same as another word or phrase.


Even more maths…

Posted on Thursday 17 September 2015 by Mr Wilks

This afternoon we’ve spotted some patterns in our class novel, The Leopard’s Drum, and then created our own pattern.


More maths…

Posted on Thursday 17 September 2015 by Mr Wilks

We’ve also been learning about place value in our maths lessons.


Maths challenge table

Posted on Thursday 17 September 2015 by Mr Wilks

Our mathematicians have been creating jungle animals / superheroes from different 2D shapes.




Posted on Wednesday 16 September 2015 by Mr Wilks

Just to let you know, PE in Year 2 is on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Hopefully, the weather will stay fine and we’ll be outside. This means children will need trainers and a jumper as well as their normal kit.


Posted on Wednesday 16 September 2015 by Mr Roundtree

This term’s newsletters have been emailed and paper copies will be sent home later this week.

This year, we’ll publish the newsletters on the website, too. Here are the first half-term’s…

Reception provide their own newsletters and lots of photos, top tips and news on their class news page.

Rugby world cup activities

Posted on Tuesday 15 September 2015 by Mrs Taylor

As the Rugby World Cup approaches, Roundhegians are organising activities for both children and adults at their local facilities.



Having fun!

Posted on Sunday 13 September 2015 by Mr Wilks


SEAL New beginnings

Posted on Sunday 06 September 2015 by Mrs Taylor

As we start the new school year, our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) theme focuses on New Beginnings.

We have three new members of staff making a new beginning at Moortown, Mrs Wells, Mr McKeon and Mr Lawton, alongside new children joining our school and our new Reception class.

I make someone feel welcome‘ is the first SEAL statement to launch the theme.

New beginnings allows children the opportunity to discuss and reflect on how they or others may feel in a new situation or setting. This SEAL theme offers children the opportunity to see themselves as valued individuals within a community, and to contribute to shaping a welcoming, safe and fair learning community for all.

During the theme, the key areas of learning are empathy, self-awareness, social skills and motivation.

Through discrete SEAL lessons, circle times and across the curriculum, children will explore feelings of happiness and excitement, sadness, anxiety and fearfulness, while learning (and putting into practice) shared models for calming down and problem-solving.

New Beginnings supports the development of a learning community in each classroom where all members feel that they belong. Class contracts, produced at the start of the year, allow children to contribute to how they feel they can achieve a safe and fair learning community.