Year 2 Class News

Have you tried the Be Food Smart quiz?

Posted on Wednesday 01 March 2017 by Mrs Taylor

As part of the Be Food Smart Change4life campaign, have you tried the quiz to find out how much you know about what’s really inside your food and drink!




Posted on Wednesday 01 March 2017 by Mrs Taylor

Our second PE lesson this week will be on Friday where Dance Leaders from Allerton Grange will be visiting us to lead a session with the class.

Please ensure your child has their PE kit on Friday and at all times.

I work co-operatively to help a group.

Posted on Wednesday 01 March 2017 by Mrs Taylor

This week our SEAL statement is…

sealWe used drama to demonstrate this in our SEAL lesson and the children devised some key things to remember when working with others.

  • Be kind to your friends
  • Share and take turns
  • Listen to other people when they speak
  • Listen to all the ideas from your group
  • Let all your group speak, in turn, and make sure no one is left out
  • Don’t take over
  • If someone says something that you do not think is good, just change it a bit
  • Help other members of your group
  • Be fair
  • Follow the school rules
  • Don’t ever interrupt!
  • Take a risk

We put this to the test with a team challenge in PE.  Each group had to get across the hall using only three hoops.  There was plenty of team work, problem solving and lots of encouragement!




Time travellers at Herd Farm

Posted on Friday 24 February 2017 by Mrs Taylor

Year 2 have enjoyed a glorious trip to Herd Farm going back in time to discover houses from the past.

First, Tina, our Forest School’s guide, took us to the Mesolithic Camp to show how hunter gatherers made temporary shelters with sticks covered in skins.  We learnt about two main types of shelter – teepees and wigwams.  Ask your child about the stick rule and the safe way to carry a stick.



















Then we set to work creating our own shelter by creating a stable base (equilateral triangle) and turning a triangular based pyramid into a cone (great Maths learning too!).  We were proud of our creations.  Great teamwork, everyone!
























After that, we took a walk to discover the Iron Age village in the valley – what a great setting for a village!  We discovered that early farmers built thatched roundhouses with wattle and daub walls and cooked on open fires.

IMG_1226 IMG_1234 IMG_1238 IMG_1240
















Then it was time to look inside…









Outside the roundhouses, Ian, our archaeologist guide, lit a fire while we enjoyed our fruit.  We took some time to sketch the roundhouses and other features of the Iron Age village.

IMG_1269 IMG_1271 IMG_1273 IMG_1288







IMG_1291 IMG_1294









We left the Iron Age village to return to the main Herd Farm buildings (now a residential centre).  The farm house was built in 1760 and we also found the newest building on the site, a sustainable steel framed, wooded covered building with a wood pellet biomass heating boiler, bringing us right up to date.

IMG_1298 IMG_1300 IMG_1301 IMG_1313
















All the class demonstrated excellent behaviour and it was great to hear them share their knowledge from our topic so far.  There was just time for a team photo before we got back on the coach to return to school for lunch!


‘I loved going to Herd Farm and I learnt that Iron Age houses are made of wattle and daub like Tudor houses.  I was sad to leave.’

‘I enjoyed it because it was really fun and exciting.  There were lots of activities at Herd Farm.  I learnt lots from the past.’

‘I didn’t know that Iron Age houses had thatched roofs. It was cool to build our own shelters.  I loved it!’

School trip tomorrow!

Posted on Thursday 23 February 2017 by Mrs Taylor

We are all looking forward to visiting Herd Farm tomorrow morning as part of our Time Travel Houses and Homes topic.

As we will be outside, and the forecast is for cold weather, please ensure your child comes in warm long sleeved clothes, with ideally waterproof boots and coat. They should also have a water bottle in school to take with them.

We have been looking at the forecast throughout the week and fingers crossed the wind dies down.

We will be back for lunch so no packed lunch needed!

Our new SEAL theme – Getting On

Posted on Saturday 18 February 2017 by Mrs Taylor

For this half term, our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) theme Getting On covers four main aspects:

  • developing the social skills of friendship
  • working well together in a group
  • managing anger
  • resolving conflict

A key resource for children to refer to during this theme, and at other times, is Peaceful Problem Solving.  This encourages children to sort out their own problems.  You may wish to talk through this with your child(ren).


When group work takes place in school, some questions for children to consider are:

  • Did everyone take turns?
  • Did everyone listen to what other people thought?
  • Did each person have chance to tell the group what they thought?
  • If people had different ideas could the group reach a compromise?

The key areas of learning throughout this theme are empathy, managing feelings and social skills.

We start our weekly SEAL statements with a focus on manners, I don’t interrupt (with my mouth or with my hand).

Meet our new School Council

Posted on Friday 17 February 2017 by Mrs Taylor

Congratulations to our new school councillors who were elected by their class in our whole school elections.  Their first meeting will be held after half term.



An eighth continent…?

Posted on Friday 17 February 2017 by Mr Roundtree

Our age-related expectations set out what children in each year group should know by the end of the year. The expectations are based on the National Curriculum.

In Geography, for Year 2, one of the expectations is to name the seven continents of the world and find them using an atlas, map or globe.

This might need to be changed based on a story in today’s news!

Our learning so far…

Posted on Friday 10 February 2017 by Mrs Taylor

We are half way through our Time Travel Houses and Homes topic and currently we’ve reached the Tudor time in our travel back in time.  So far we have learnt about houses at the present time, houses in Victorian and Tudor times and about a particular event in history – The Great Fire of London.  This was a definite favourite so far!

After the half term, we will continue to travel back in time to the Norman period in history – think moats, battlements and defences.

Our final learning will be about the early types of houses (Celts and Iron Age).  On Friday 24 February, we will visit Herd Farm to visit a reconstructed Iron Age farmstead.  We wouldn’t expect that to be up the road!

Hopefully you will have all heard the lovely news that Emily Grace Wilks was born on Monday. Congratulations to Mr Wilks and his wife.

Hope you all have a restful half-term and we’ll see you back at school on Monday 20 February.

School Council election

Posted on Thursday 09 February 2017 by Mrs Taylor

Well done to all children who gave very confident, well-prepared speeches to the class this morning.  The election proved to be very exciting in Year 2 as following our initial vote at the ‘polling station’, three children ended up with the same number of votes – Leo, Harris and Maya.

This meant a re-vote was needed.  Again the voting was very close with just one vote in it.

Congratulations to Maya and Harris who have taken over as our new school councillors from Albie and Sakina.  Commiserations to Leo – it really was so close.

We hope children who weren’t successful this year will try for the role again in Year 3.



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