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This is Year 4 Class News

Skipping ropes

Posted on Wednesday 30 November 2022 by Mrs Taylor

We continue to work with Skipping School as part of the Year 2 and Year 4 skipping festivals.

While you might be thinking about Christmas presents, we have skipping ropes available to purchase from school for a subsidised price of £3.  These are available in two sizes and a range of colours.

Skipping School

Posted on Friday 25 November 2022 by Miss Birch

Hello everyone,

Year 4 had a fantastic morning with Skipping School leader – Katie.  She took the children through each step, such as how to hold your skipping rope in a smile shape and when to jump after the rope clicks the floor. They then worked up to doing complicated straddle jumps and crossing the skipping ropes! The children were great and were really resilient (as it can be quite tricky!) while working together and encouraging one another.


Year 4 will be participating in the Skipping School Competition after Easter which is all about getting moving and having fun while doing so! We will be practicing the skipping skills we learnt today, up until that point.

Help at home by getting the children skipping.

Science – What’s that sound?

Posted on Friday 18 November 2022 by Miss Birch

This half term, our Science topic is called ‘What’s that sound?’.  We are physicists because we are learning about physics.

So far, Year 4 have learnt how a sound travels into our ears and that is because of vibrations. For example, if an object like a car door is slammed shut, the car door vibrates and the vibrations travel through the air to our ears!  To find out more, we went on a sound walk around the school to find as many different sound sources as possible.

The children heard lots of things, such as;

  • children talking/shouting
  • car horns
  • ambulance siren
  • car engines
  • trees rustling
  • foot steps
  • fridge humming.

We worked out that we heard most of the sounds in the front playground due to being nearer the road.

Some sounds were high pitched and others were low pitched. The sounds that are there to catch our attention (ambulance sirens) are high pitched and the sounds that are more common (car engines) are low pitched.

Our second lesson was exploring sounds further and fortunately for the children, making sounds with our bodies! We tried to compose a “song” using our bodies. We clicked, stomped, hummed, thumped and shouted. We then experimented with the drums by placing rice on the top and seeing what happened when we hit it hard and hit it softly. In conclusion, the harder we hit the drum, the higher the rice flew and the softer we hit the drum, the lower the rice flew.

Have a look at us in action:

‘Me and My Community’ week!

Posted on Friday 04 November 2022 by Miss Birch

What a week!

The first week back after half term has been a busy one with it being ‘Me and My Community’ week. This week the children were immersed in  lots of activities that taught them about many different communities. Here’s just some of what we got up to!

We began with a visit from a visually impaired man, Sid and his guide dog, Jamie. It was so eye-opening for the children to see and learn how people with visual impairments live their lives to the fullest with the help of others and their dogs.

We then had visitors who were teaching the children about LGBTQ+, what it means and how we can support anyone who needs it. Year 4 really understood the importance of the information!

Linda Gledhill did a talk with the children about hearing impairments. In this session, the children learnt what they can do to help deaf or partially deaf people understand. For example, they should look directly at the person, do not over pronounciate and use hand signals if you can (sign language).

Finally, through the week, Year 4 were chosen to venture out into Moortown Park to do litter picking! Unfortunately, they found lots of litter but I’m sure the people of Moortown will be very thankful. Here’s some photos of the children in action.

The PTA needs you..

Posted on Monday 24 October 2022 by Mrs Weekes

Do you want to make a difference to our school community?

Are you able to give some, time, skills or ideas? 

Existing members of the Moortown Primary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are urgently looking for new parents to join. The PTA is a registered charity and they are looking for parents to take on the roles of three trustees; as well as these roles, they need enough people to help out so that organising and running the fundraising events is shared between more people.

They would like to invite you to join the PTA before the AGM on Tuesday 15 November. If you are interested in joining the PTA, please contact the school office and they will put you in touch with the right people.

Themed menu 04 November 2022

Posted on Thursday 20 October 2022 by Steph Bones

Catering Agency, our school meal provider, will be running a special themed menu on Friday 04 November. Bonfire night menu. Please contact the office if your child would like a school dinner on this day (no action required if your child normally has a school meal on this day).

Check out the bonfire night menu here.


Posted on Friday 07 October 2022 by Miss Birch

How did the Greeks influence our lives today?

This week, the children researched how the Ancient Greeks have influenced our lives today. Their different innovations were so great that even the Romans kept some of them! They chose either Sport, The Arts or Science, Maths and Philosophy and used BBC Bitesize to find all the information they needed. They then presented their findings on a poster!

They all did a fantastic job and worked really well in their pairs. Here’s some examples:

History – debate time!

Posted on Friday 30 September 2022 by Miss Birch

On Wednesday, we had a different day to usual…

Our morning started off with circle time. Circle time is new and we’ll be doing it every week. This time will be for the class to sit calmly and reflect on the week and share any thoughts or worries. Year 4 did fantastic during their first circle time. The children showed good listening and gave helpful advice to each other.

We then kept the tables to the edges of the classroom to have a debate! This debate was to decide which Ancient Greek city state was the best – Athens or Sparta. The children had already learned about both city states so were ready with the best information to argue their case! They countered each other’s arguments about government, equality, war and trade. It was fantastic!

Sparta won but both sides explained their points thoroughly and respectfully to one another. Success!

Research other Ancient Greek city states at home and find out which one was the fairest of them all.

Themed menu 07 October 2022

Posted on Wednesday 28 September 2022 by Steph Bones

Catering Agency, our school meal provider, will be running a special themed menu on Friday 07 October. Please contact the office if your child would like a school dinner on this day (no action needed if your child normally has a school meal on this day).

Check out the Cricket World Cup themed menu. 



Posted on Saturday 24 September 2022 by Miss Birch


I have been so impressed with Year 4’s reading records over the last couple of weeks. Not only have they all remembered to bring them in each Friday but the activities they have completed, have been done to a fantastic standard!

Have a look at this example:

If you are ever unsure of how to complete the set activity, have a look at the front of the reading record and it will explain each one in detail.

It’s so important that the children complete these activities to show yourselves and us at school that they are understanding their books and even more importantly, enjoying their reading!

Keep it up Year 4!