Year 2 Class News

Scientists and product testers

Posted on Monday 09 January 2017 by Mrs Taylor

Today, Year 2 received a letter from Mr Vango asking for their help to test various materials to see if they are waterproof and therefore suitable for their tents. We used lots of science skills to test this out.


  • ‘Is the material waterproof?’
  • ‘Is the material strong?’
  • ‘Does it tear?’
  • ‘Is it flexible?’

‘We predict that plastic will be the best material because it’s strong and waterproof.’


Testing, observing and recording




























We found out that plastic, paper and foil were all waterproof but, when we considered other characteristics of the materials, we decided that plastic would be the best material for the tents.  Our prediction was correct!  We hope this helps Mr Vango with his research.

This online activity allows you to investigate properties of materials more.

New themed menus

Posted on Monday 09 January 2017 by Mrs Taylor

Catering Leeds, our school meal provider, will be running a special Australia Day themed menu on Tuesday 24 January.  This themed menu has recently been selected by our school councillors.

Please contact the office, by 12 January, if your child would like a school dinner on this day.


Another themed menu selected by our school councillors is for Shrove Tuesday, 28 February.

Please contact the office, by 09 February, if your child would like a school dinner on this day.




Posted on Friday 06 January 2017 by Mr Wilks

We’ve been learning about different materials this week. We started by discussing the types of materials and their properties. We’re now designing a new shed for Mr Grumpy using the most appropriate materials.

img_1214 img_1213 img_1215




img_1228 img_1226

Moortown’s Got Talent 2017

Posted on Wednesday 04 January 2017 by Mrs Valentine

…is imminent! 

Auditions are next week:

Monday 9th January: Y5 & Y6

Tuesday 10th January: Y3 & Y4

Wednesday 11th January: YR, Y1 & Y2

Your child needs to be prepared for their audition with any props or music they may need.

Good to be me!

Posted on Monday 02 January 2017 by Mrs Taylor


Our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) learning this half term is all about Good to be me and as part of this learning we would like the children to bring something in that they are proud of – something that reflects the theme ‘Good to be me’.

This may be from a sporting achievement, a learning achievement or something to show their unique skill or talent.

Don’t forget, it is also Moortown’s Got Talent this half term.


Happy New Year!

Posted on Monday 02 January 2017 by Mrs Taylor


We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are ready for a new term of learning.

We are looking forward to starting the year with a science mini topic, What’s the matter? before we go back in time with our history themed Time Travel big topic.

Don’t forget this half term it is our second class assembly of the year on Wednesday 11 January at 2:40pm.

Parents’ evenings are also later in the half term (Monday 06 February and Tuesday 07 February) but if there is anything you would like to ask or clarify, please do come and see us before then.

New SEAL theme…Good to be me

Posted on Monday 02 January 2017 by Mrs Taylor

Our new SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) theme for this half-term, Good to be me, focuses on three main areas of learning:

  • Self-awareness: feeling good about yourself, taking risks.
  • Managing feelings: understanding feelings, and why and how they lead us to behave the way we do – particularly the feelings of being excited, proud, surprised, hopeful, disappointed, worried and anxious and standing up for yourself.
  • Empathy

This theme explores feelings in the context of the child as an individual, developing self-awareness and helping the child to realise that it really is ‘Good to be me’. The theme is about understanding our feelings as well as considering our strengths and weaknesses as learners.

As part of our current science mini topic, What’s the matter?, children will also ask ‘What’s the matter?’ from a social and emotional point of view, understanding feelings and thinking about how they can solve problems.

The theme also links with Moortown’s Got Talent, our upcoming annual talent show.

The key ideas and concepts behind the theme of Good to be me are:

Building emotional resilience

Children need to become resilient if they are to be healthy and effective life-long learners.

Coping with anxiety and worrying

Worry and anxiety are major features in many children’s lives. Many children have good reasons to be anxious. Exploring worries is important.

Calming down

Although getting stressed, anxious or angry are important and useful emotions, sometimes these feelings can be overwhelming.


The theme encourages children to become assertive – that is, able to recognise and stand up for their rights while recognising and respecting the rights of others.

Understanding feelings and how they influence behaviour

The theme explores the relationship between ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ and the way each impacts on our behaviour. It looks at Flight or Fight rapid response to situations of threat and our responses to feeling threatened / under stress.

‘I respond to difficult situations in a positive way’ is the first SEAL statement for this theme.

Santa’s Setbacks

Posted on Wednesday 14 December 2016 by Mrs Taylor

A big well done to all children in Year 2, Year 1 and Reception who have performed three fantastic shows this week.  Even after many rehearsals, we’ve been very impressed with the children’s focus and enthusiasm.   Here is the cast…







Thank you to all family and friends who came to watch.  We hope you enjoyed the show.



























Cookery skills

Posted on Monday 12 December 2016 by Mrs Taylor

This morning, Year 2 had chance to develop their cookery skills while following a Christmas themed recipe.

We have recently been learning about instructions so we were able to identify some of the features of the recipe such as the title, what you will need, subheadings, numbered instructions and imperative verbs (bossy words to tell you what to do).


Can you identify the following skills and equipment that we used?











































































School Meals

Posted on Monday 12 December 2016 by Mrs Taylor

Our school dinner menu is usually changed on a termly basis but this is now changing to half yearly.  Our new menu will therefore be from February 2017.

When we return from the Christmas holiday, we will start on Week 3 of our current menu until the new menu is introduced.