Class News

We are biologists!

Posted on Monday 02 October 2023 by Alice Needham

In science, we are biologists.

We have been learning about living things and their habitats.

On Friday, we ventured into our school grounds to investigate what flowering and non-flowering plants we could find.

Help at home by asking your child what a flowering/non-flowering plant is.

Greater than, less than and equal to!

Posted on Monday 02 October 2023 by Miss Birch

Year 3 have been comparing numbers! We began by comparing 1 digit and 2 digit numbers using the <, > and = symbols.

Once we felt confident with this, we moved onto comparing 3 digit numbers! It can be slightly trickier when the numbers are larger so here is a few ways to help:

364 ___ 362
  1. Begin comparing the largest value column. This is the hundreds column!
  2. If these are the same value, such as 3 hundreds, then move onto the next column.
  3. Compare the value of your tens column. If these are the same, then… you guessed it! Move onto the ones column.
  4. The ones value is greater in 364 than 362.

364 > 362

“364 is greater than 362.”

“362 is less than 364.”

Help at home by comparing amounts of objects at home.  For example, “6 apples is less than 30 grapes.”

Reading Records

Posted on Sunday 01 October 2023 by Miss Goswami

At Moortown, reading records help us to celebrate our love for reading. As a reminder, here is the key information you and your child need to know:

  • Each time one of the children signs out a new book to read from the library, they can make note of these in their reading record and rate them out of 5 stars.
  • Every Friday, I chose an activity for the whole class to complete in their reading record. More information on these activities is found inside the record.
  • The children bring in these reading records every Friday for our Book Club lesson where we’ll discuss their books and develop their love of reading.
  • Please accompany your child’s weekly activity with a short comment sharing with us the reading your child has been doing at home.

Take a look at some fabulous activities Year 5 have completed last week:

Autumn 1: Week 4

Posted on Friday 29 September 2023 by Mrs Wood

This week, we’ve been reading The Everywhere Bear by Julia Donaldson. We drew our own story maps of the Bear’s journey.
Yesterday, we took some bears on a journey around school. We followed a simple map to find all the classrooms. We even found Mrs Weekes office!
Help at home: Practise writing your name. You could use the name card in your book bag.
This week, we focussed on the purpose of counting – to find out ‘how many’ objects there are.  We explored how all sorts of things can be counted, including sounds. We practised our 1:1 correspondence, by moving, tagging and using counting sticks when counting larger objects .

Help at home: Count everything! Practise counting your toys at tidy up time. When going up the stairs, count them. Count the knives and forks when setting the table. On your way to school, count how many buses you see.

On Monday, we visited our school library. We had a fantastic time looking at books with our friends. In a couple of weeks, your child will bring their first library book home. Please make sure your child returns their library book every Monday so they can choose another exciting story.

Poetry picnic
Click here to watch this week’s poem.

Chilli challenges
This week, we’ve introduced the chilli challenges. Each week, there will be six chilli challenges in different areas. The children will be encouraged to complete the challenges and tick them off on their chilli challenge card (see below). When your child completes a challenge, they will explain or show what they’ve done and an adult will tick the challenge off on their card.
Here’s some of the chilli challenges in action…

Drawing pirate maps.

Playing a subitising game.Counting objects using 1:1 correspondence.
Using tweezers to pick up conkers.

Drawing our own maps.


  • Phase 2 phonics Stay & Learn and coffee morning – Thursday 12 October
  • Please email any ‘WOW’ moments or new interests at home. We love receiving and sharing photos in school.
  • Please make sure your child reads their e-book daily alongside love of reading books.


Posted on Friday 29 September 2023 by Mr McGriffiths

This week there was a mystery in Year One. The school bell that Mr McGriffiths uses in the morning had disappeared! The children were very keen to find it and bring it back. After reading the book Hermelin: the dectective mouse (watch the story here), we came up with the idea of creating a LOST poster. You can see our marvellous efforts below. If you do see the bell anywhere, please contact Mr McGriffiths!


Help at home by discussing where your child thinks the bell has gone and what has happened to it!

Times Tables Rockstars

Posted on Friday 29 September 2023 by Miss Goswami

Each week, the TTRS leader board is updated in class. First place receives a prize, second place receives 5 golden tickets, third place 4 golden tickets and so on.  Well done to this week’s Times Tables Rockstars!

Just a quick reminder, that each day, your children should be practising their times tables for 10 minutes. The deadline for this homework is Friday. If your child does not have access to TTRS, please bring in paper copies of their times table practice – with their completed reading record – to school on Friday.

Please see the homework guide for more information.

Geography: Green Space is Vital!

Posted on Thursday 28 September 2023 by Miss Goswami

This week, the children have been learning about green spaces and why they are vital. In the lesson, Year 5 were asked to find posters around the room which had facts on them; they had to summarise the key points and write the information on their whiteboards. They then created their own posters with the facts and statistics.

Help at home: Discuss why green space is vital to humans, animals and the environment.

Why are green spaces so important?

Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2023 by Miss Wilson

As geographers, it’s vital to understand the world around you and the many benefits that physical features can provide.

Y6 have been exploring what urban green spaces are, where they can be found and why they’re so important.

Evie said, “It’s not just one person’s job, it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep our locality (like green spaces) clean, tidy and safe.”

This linked nicely with our Living and Learning theme of the week – I know that rights come with responsibilities.

Have a look at some of the fantastic posters explaining the many benefits of green spaces.


Challenge your child to match the benefit we talked about in class to each of the little pictures below!

Super spelling

Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2023 by Miss Wilson

This week’s spelling has been about contractions.

Help at home by spotting them in your book when you’re reading together.

Today, the challenge was to write some silly sentences which contained contractions. Y6 were great at it – it didn’t take long!

Here’s how they got on…

They’re a bit sillier than normal because we added in the challenge of including this half term’s spellings, too!

Challenge your child to tell you the expanded forms on the contractions within this post.

Leeds Diving Training Scheme

Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2023 by Mrs Taylor

We will be taking part in an exciting talent testing program in association with Leeds Diving Training Scheme for Year 2 and Year 3 classes. This will take place in school on Tuesday 3rd October. Please ensure your child wears PE kit on this day.
The tests include jumping ability, flexibility, strength and speed and they will be administered by elite level diving coaches. Following analysis of the results, a small number will be invited to participate in a second phase, more sports specific testing, independent of school. Children who are selected for Phase 2 will get an invitation after the school testing.