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Living and Learning: Anti-Bullying Day

Posted on Monday 13 November 2023 by Miss Goswami

Today for our anti-bullying day, we joined the nation by focussing on the message of “make a noise about bullying”. We discussed how this had several meanings: making a noise to a trusted adult for support/advice, making a noise to the victim to see if they are okay or making a noise to make a change.

We looked at the different types of friendships and discussed the benefits of a healthy one. Here are some of the benefits:

  • feeling happy
  • feeling secure
  • feeling safe
  • having emotional support
  • having someone to care for you
  • having someone to give you motivation

We then went on to talk about the differences between falling out and bullying as well as the differences between a one-off occasion and something that has happened more than once.

We looked at the definition of bullying which our JLT members created:

“Bullying is when you hurt someone physically or emotionally (including online), Several Times OPurpose”

Whilst we hope this would never be the case in our school, we also discussed  what you can do if you were to experience bullying at Moortown Primary School:

Start Telling Other People. You could use the Living and Learning box, the worry box, tell a trusted adult, email or even call Childline (0800 1111).”

Help at home: Discuss the different roles that can be seen in a bullying situation. Then, have a read of the scenario and talk about what roles are present and what they can do to MAKE A NOISE.

Living and Learning: Anti-bullying day

Posted on Monday 13 November 2023 by Mr McGriffiths

Today we had anti-bullying day at school. We all came in odd socks to show that everyone is different and everyone is unique.

The whole day was dedicated to us learning all about what bullying was and how we could stop it.

We started off anti-bullying day by thinking about what makes a good friend. We had some brilliant ideas.

We spoke about what bullying means and looked at the JLT’s definition of bullying. We know that is has to be several times on purpose.

We spoke about what we need to do if we are being bullied or if we see someone being bullied. We learnt that we need to start telling other people. We wrote down someone people we could tell on handprints.

We read the story #Goldilocks, where we learnt about how to treat people online. We know that  we treat people the same face-to-face and online.

Help at home by talkinf about the differences between falling out and bullying, and between a one-off situation and something that’s happened more than once

Leeds Schools Sports Association Saturday morning cross country race

Posted on Monday 13 November 2023 by Mrs Taylor

Key Stage 2 children are invited to compete in an upcoming cross country race as part of the Leeds Schools Athletics Association cross country programme of Saturday morning races. Children will compete against pupils from other Leeds schools.

The race will take place on Saturday 25th November at Wharfe Meadows Park, Farnley Lane, Otley, LS21 2RW from 10am.

Please note, parents/carers are responsible for taking and supervising their child/children at the event. There will be a parent representative at the event.

There are opportunities for Year 3 and 4 girls and boys (under 9) to race 900m and Year 5 and 6 girls and boys (under 11) to race 1500m. Once your child has completed their race, you are free to leave the event.

Please sign up by giving consent online or ask at the office if you would like further information about the race.

Me and my money week!

Posted on Sunday 12 November 2023 by Miss Birch

This week has been all about money and we’ve learnt a lot about money, spending, prices and saving. We have had some visitors in to help us with our learning. Here’s what we’ve got up to:

It’s party time!
We had a two hour workshop where we learned how to plan a party. From thinking about what makes a good party to how much we were spending on balloons. We started by ranking elements of a party by how important they are. Here was one group’s final ranking:

We then chose a person to plan the party for and this was tricky as we had to think about what someone would want at their party rather than our own choices!

Finally, we had to think about what we would spend on what. Each group had a budget of £10 per guest and the children quickly realised how they needed to save money on a venue for the party so that they could have more decorations or food!

Overall, every group managed to spend under their budget which shows that they knew the difference between a want and a need.

The Lost Purse
We had a second workshop with some workers from the bank. During this session we learnt:

  • People can pay for things using cash or electronically.
  • The price of everyday items like a meal deal from the supermarket.
  • People can sometimes borrow money but they have to pay it back otherwise there is consequences.We also were able to give advice to someone on how they should spend their money. ‘Mr I Spendalot’ wanted to book a £500 holiday. He could have either spent his money on his debit card or use his credit card and have to pay it back. We decided that maybe using his debit card was a good idea if he knew that he could afford it!

Help at home by thinking of different items that you have or would like and and decide: Is it a need or a want?

This is a Forest and Making a Stand

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023 by Miss Goswami

On Tuesday, Year 5 went to visit two art exhibitions: ‘This is a Forest’ and ‘Making a Stand’. To start the day, we experienced a series of artworks in ‘This is a Forest’. The children were able to take time to appreciate the art, learn something new and capture the sculptures in their own sketches. One of the artworks was called ‘A Howl’, which was an installation of a fallen beech tree with lights and sound. This section of the exhibition was in a small dark room, where we could initially just hear sounds and then after our eyes adjusted, we were able to see the shape of a tree.


We then moved on to our next activity where the children could create ecosystems. We split into smaller groups and were able to design and make terrariums. The children showed great teamwork!


Finally, we went on to ‘Making a Stand’ located in City Square. This trip provided a great link between our recent Geography learning and our current Art and Design learning. Year 5 were very respectful and represented Moortown Primary School well.

Guided Reading Week 1

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023 by Miss Goswami

Here are the target pages for this week’s guided reading. These need to be read by Friday 17th November.

The boy and the Tiger: up to chapter 4/page 42.

Extra Time: up to chapter 8/page 32.

Flood and Fang: up to chapter 3/page 43.

Dirty Bertie: up to chapter 4/page 33.

Kensuke’s Kingdom: up to chapter 4/page 45.

Guided Reading Information

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023 by Miss Goswami

Today, Year 5 have been given their guided reading books.

The class have been divided into groups and each group has been given a book to read at home. This will last for this half term.

During our Book Club sessions each Friday, each group will discuss what they have read so far and share their reading record activities related to their book. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to explore characters and storylines more than they might do normally!

Every Friday during Book Club, each group will be given a new page to read to for the next Friday. This information will be posted every week on our class news.

What to remember:

  • Your child has a book that they need to read every week (up to a chosen point marked with a post-it note).
  • The reading record activity needs to be completed using their new book.
  • A comment from a grown up needs to be written in their reading record.
  • Group reading books and reading records need to be brought in every Friday.

Help at home: listen to your child read their new book and ask questions about the book to help prepare them for class discussions.

I look forward to hearing the children’s discussions next week!

Living and Learning: Me and My Money

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023 by Miss Goswami

This week, we’ve been learning all about money!

We’ve talked about so many important topics and skills that are vital to our lives and financial futures.

We first had a maths lesson which looked at working out the unit prices of bulk items to help us decide on the cheaper options.

Next, we learnt about what tax is and why we have it. We then discussed why it is vital for our community.

Then, HSBC talked to us and we learnt about budgeting and how to be a critical consumer.

We also learnt about jobs in Leeds and what we might want to do when we’re older or where the most demand for employment might be.

Virgin Money taught us about loans, their roles at the bank and about bank accounts. They then set us an exciting challenge – to make £5 grow!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be putting our entrepreneurial brains to the test to see if we can make profit from a small business idea. Watch this space!

Help at home: Discuss how your child would like to make their £5 grow. Take a look at the suggested ideas.

Living and Learning: Me and My Money week

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023 by Mr McGriffiths

Year1 have been learning about all things money this week during our Me and My Money week.

This learning forms part of our Living and Learning curriculum.

We learnt all about different aspects of money: where it comes from, how we use it and where it is kept.

What money do we use?

People from the bank came to visit us and spoke to us all about different kinds of coins and notes. They also spoke to us about the history of money and how it has been changed over time.

Why should we keep our money?

We spoke in class about where is best to keep our money so it is safe. Lots of us had a money box or a piggy bank – some even had a unicorn bank! We discussed how when we grow up we will keep our money in a bank so it is safe.

What is the difference between needs and wants?


Year 1 and 2 worked together to learn what is a need and what is a want. We thought deeply about some of the items and where they fitted in.

Clothes are a need but if you already have lots of clothes they become a want.

The internet is a need as some people have to work from home.

How do people use money?

People make different choices with their money. We talked about how some people spend their money, some save it and some people donate it.

I want to save my money in my moneybox so I get get something big.

I like to spend my money straight away!

I want to spend my money so that the person it goes to has money for what they want.

At Moortown, we donated some money this week. On Monday, Steph from St Gemma’s Hospice, our current school charity, shared how our donations of £1500 have helped the hospice.

This week, we’ve been donating money to St Gemma’s Hospice by bringing any spare 1ps and 2ps to make a penny trail at the end of the week.

Where does my money come from?

We thought about where our money might come from and how that would change as we get older and have a job. Lots of us got money for doing jobs around the house or when we lost a tooth!

Help at home: discuss this learning with your child at home to consider how they use money and why money is important.

Autumn 2: Week 1

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023 by Mrs Wood

This week, we’ve been busy learning about Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance Day.

On Tuesday, we discussed why we celebrate Bonfire Night and how we celebrated.

We set the fire and look up to the sky.
We eat special food.
You can get candyfloss  and doughnuts.
We put sticks in a field and make a bonfire.
We have lots of fireworks!

On Wednesday, we read Binny’s Diwali and talked about some of the key things used to celebrate Diwali. We also talked about other celebrations and festivals with the same or similar activities/decorations. Yesterday, we listened to a story called Flo of the Somme and talked about the importance of Remembrance Day.

Here’s some of the chilli challenges we did to support our learning…

We used different materials to create rocket fireworks.







We made Diya Lamps at the playdough table.







We used chalk to draw Rangoli patterns.







We drew some amazing Mehendi patterns.







We used an app on the iPads to draw pictures of poppies.







Today, Reception enjoyed their first gymnastics session.  We focused on moving in a low position. At the end of the session, some children were eager to perform a short sequence of different low movements.
Poetry Picnic
Click here to watch this week’s poem.


Odd Socks Day – Monday 13 November
Children are invited to wear odd socks to school today, marking the fact we’re all different in some way.
Maths stay and learn session – Wednesday 15 November
Children in Need: non-uniform day – Friday 17 November