Year 2 Class News


Posted on Friday 13 July 2018 by Mr Wilks

This afternoon, children were tasked with creating a football kicking device (that’s its technical name). They had to get a small ball to roll as far as possible without actually touching it using things around the classroom.

They used DT, Science and Living and Learning skills to create and test their device before evaluating and improving it.

Science – observation over time – day 17

Posted on Thursday 12 July 2018 by Mr Wilks

During health week, we started an experiment investigating the effect that different drinks have on our teeth. However, instead of using real teeth, we used eggs.

We submerged the eggs in five different drinks: water, milk, Ribena, Red Bull and Coca Cola.

We removed the eggs after four days to see how they had changed.

Day 10

Day 17

Geography: continents

Posted on Thursday 12 July 2018 by Mr Wilks

Last week, in our World Cup topic, we were learning about continents, using atlases and a very cheesy song!

DT – food tasting

Posted on Thursday 12 July 2018 by Mr Wilks

We are learning about food in DT lessons at the moment. This week, we tasted some different foods and described them. Some went down better than others!

Tanvi said that the cottage cheese was her favourite whereas Billy liked the hummus.


Posted on Thursday 12 July 2018 by Mr Wilks

During health week, we had a kickboxing taster session. It was fun learning to bow properly and try out some different techniques.

First aid

Posted on Thursday 12 July 2018 by Mr Wilks

During health week, Betsy’s mum, who’s a nurse, talked to us about her job. We had a go at using a stethoscope and then bandaging each other. It was great fun!

Sword Dancing

Posted on Thursday 12 July 2018 by Mr Wilks

We learnt a traditional English sword dance during Health Week.

The ‘swords’ were actually used to wipe down pit ponies after a hard days work in the coal mines in North East England.

Year 2 being healthy

Posted on Wednesday 11 July 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Last week, Year 2 enjoyed a packed Being Healthy themed week with lots of visitors and learning all about being healthy both physically and emotionally.

We started the week thinking about our skipping challenge for Make-A-Wish.  In Year 2, we’ve learnt lots of skipping techniques this year and it was great that children challenged themselves to try some of the skills we’ve seen Year 4 demonstrate such as the butterfly and the pretzel.

As part of the transition to Year 3, have 2 0f our 5 a day and a chance to try out different fruits, we had our own fruit tuck shop.

In Year 3, the children will have the chance to prepay or bring their money to school (20p per portion) for the Key Stage 2 fruit tuck shop that runs weekly on a Tuesday playtime.  The tuck shop was really popular and it looks like there will be lots of Year 3 customers next year!  More details about the tuck shop will follow in September.

Our first visitor was Anabelle from One Day Creative to talk about mental health and mindfulness.  We remembered some techniques from earlier in the year and learnt even more mindfulness techniques to use at school and at home.

Before we started the session, Annabelle witnessed and was very impressed with our mindful afternoon register time where the children can choose a technique to have some quiet time after a busy lunchtime.

We learnt lots of new techniques so ask your child about their favourite way to be calm and in the moment.

Shark fin breathing – breathe in and as you breathe out move your ‘shark fin’ down your face and exhale ‘sh’.

Listen to the sound of the singing bowl until you can hear it no more.

Back to back breathing – take deep breaths and feel your partner breathing.

A great one for concentration – clap as the hands cross in front of the body.

Thumb emotions – blow on your thumb and show your emotion using your thumb.

Colour breathing – think of a relaxing colour when you breathe in and think of a stressed colour to send out of your body as you breathe out.

Five senses – can you think of five things you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste around you?  Do you notice things you’ve not seen/heard before?

Starfish breathing – breathe in as you slowly move your finger up to your finger tip and breathe out as you move down your finger tip.  Repeat slowly around your hand.

Living Streets local area audit

Posted on Wednesday 11 July 2018 by Mrs Taylor

As part of our partnership with Living Streets and during our Being Healthy week, some of our school councillors joined representatives from Living Streets to carry out an active travel audit in the immediate area.  They were looking for barriers that families might face when traveling to school in an active way.

We look forward to hearing all about the findings.

Youth Voice Summit

Posted on Wednesday 11 July 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Recently, our Year 5 and 6 school councillors attended the third annual youth voice summit for primary schools in the banqueting suite at Leeds Civic Hall. During the event, the children:

  • Learnt how to run effective social action campaigns in their schools and communities
  • Learnt about influential historical and current campaigns such as the suffragettes and American civil rights
  • Learnt about how to write to the government and local council
  • Had the opportunity to come up with their own campaigns and create placards
  • Had a full tour of the Leeds Council Chamber

Their chosen campaign, to work on back at school with the rest of the school council, is all about clearing up litter.  We look forward to seeing how this campaign will develop.